Just a quick word to let you know how much I appreciate the work that our compliance team does in keeping me trading properly and safely.

Would you please pass my comments on to all who work with you.

David Smith, Court Financial Services
Not resting on their laurels, TRM are always initiating new and better deals with providers, their rapid growth and size seems to have helped negotiate better terms for everyone concerned.
James Saxty
Been great to us from day one, always easy to get things sorted and get advisers on, a great place for us to grow our business
Danny Tyrrell, Future Financial Advice Ltd
As always, very warm, friendly and informative-very proud to be part of the team.
Bev McCann
Positive, friendly, supportive when needed, and a compliance department who understand sales…. What more do you need?
Jason Whitehead, Vitality Mortgages
Great team mentality, who are very friendly and approachable
Paul Tubb, Asset Plus Ltd

I would recommend The Right Mortgage & Protection Network to anyone who is looking to develop their business as the support they have given me is fantastic, it’s allowed me to get into so many other product areas and I always get an answer from them

Joel Jones, Simply Mortgage Solutions
Deciding to change network is never a quick and easy decision. The thought of interupting your business, cash flow and client servicing can be scary. However, thanks to Yvette and the team at The Right Mortgage I was able to progress my application in the background and time my switch whilst on holiday. Beginning to end it took 6 weeks and now that I am up and running it is so refreshing to feel part of a community. It’s probably the closest you can get to being Directly Authorised but within a network
Neil Johnston, Est8 Planning
I find the network a breath of fresh air. Everyone is extremely friendly, welcoming and eager to help whenever possible. You will always encounter a few bumps in the road; however it has to be said the network are fantastic at responding to and helping to smooth these over whenever they appear. There is always someone there willing to help whenever they can. That is what always really impresses me. The staff always have a tremendous attitude, it must be a great place to work! I can only champion the network and indeed was more than happy to at the conference when chatting with prospective members. Big thumbs up from me!
Shaun Williams, New Wave Protection Solutions Ltd
After being an AR for over a year with this network, and after many years of being directly authorised I can honestly say that any reservations I had in becoming an AR have gone completely. The staff and Directors are all friendly, always approachable and always go out of their way to help. They always ask what is good and what could be better and refreshingly its listened to and acted upon. I would have no reservations in recommending this Network and the people that run/work within it to anyone. Thanks to everyone for a great year and looking forward to a better one next year.
Paul Jeal, Monument Financial Solutions
I have just moved over from HLP to TRM and I have been very impressed. As we all know nothing in our industry runs smoothly so there were always going to be a few bumps in the road but whenever they appeared the office staff were there to help and resolve as soon as possible. The biggest difference I can see so far is they want you to be successful and are happy to help to get you there. Already had 2 training days and another in the diary. These aren’t all product push and compliance but ways to share with other advisers and all be successful as a collective. TRM understand that if we are successful then they are successful. Simple business model that not a lot of networks seem to understand
Jim Withers, Man 4 Mortgages
Positive, friendly, supportive when needed, and a compliance department who understand sales…. What more do you need?
Alan Peppiatt, Cube Insurance Health
A sound understanding of the private medical insurance market can be rewarded with a very worthwhile income, on an on-going basis. Demonstration to clients of whole-of-market knowledge can, without doubt, lead to good virgin business and the assigning over of existing policies. Customer conversations at the initial stages, and at each annual renewal, are excellent opportunities to up-date cover, cross sell and obtain referrals.
Geoffrey Barbour, Independent Insurance Consultant
I can really see why Martin will have the leading network within 3 years. Everyone has been so helpful and even when you tell providers you have moved they can’t do enough for you when you tell them you have joined The Right Mortgage. I had no idea what huge respect Martin has in the industry.
Dianna Crewe
I cannot say how grateful I am to the compliance team and in particular Ben Kosol for his help and patience. I feel that he has shown that being part of a network with a very diligent compliance team is invaluable.
Sunny Bhopal, TCF Financial Services
I have recently joined The Right Mortgage Network and my experience so far is that they really walk the talk on TRUST RESPECT PARTNERSHIP. Through the recruitment process, the induction programme and other initial meetings I have engaged with friendly human beings. I have had interactions with Compliance for File Checks/Advertising Approvals/ Initial Compliance Manager Meeting & Agency for onboarding; great helpful friendly people. Overall, A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.
Frank McCann, Brookhaven Financial
I am really happy with the support, it’s great to know I can contact the network with any queries I have and have the confidence to know they will be dealt with. A big thank you for the fast responses from your team, particularly from Matthew regarding commissions. I’d also like to say how helpful Mark, Ben K, Roisin and Chelsea have been!
David Ekin
I am one happy member who feels part of a network, who has a name and not just a number. I would recommend potential members to join our network
David Archbold, Meridian Insurance Advisors Ltd
I am so glad we changed over to you from intrinsic, you have made us feel welcome, there is always somebody to talk to if you have any questions and I feel part of your team.

I am very impressed so far,

Julie Aylott, Chigwell Financial Solutions
I have to say that Roisin is an absolute asset to the Network – I am sure you probably know this already, but she has handled loads of queries from me (no doubt many others as well) and always seems really positive and helpful, a real pleasure to talk to and she always seems to get things done promptly. Everyone I have dealt with has been good to be fair but I have probably had more dealings with Roisin than anyone else and she has really impressed me.
Nick Cleathero, Nene Valley Financial Planning
A superb service from friendly and approachable staff. A breath of fresh air to the financial services industry.
Ian Rosser, Bright Financial Affiliates Ltd
The Right Mortgage is The Right Network full of the Right People helping me look after my clients in the Right Way. A Right Good Thankyou to you all.
Dave Leggatt, Meridian Financial Planning
My experience with TRM so far has been excellent I can’t tell you how much you guys have lifted me since March. The positive approach shown by everyone to get the business on and to get the commission paid is up lifting. What a breath of fresh air, great Network and fantastic positive attitude.
Andrew Smith
You really do have a great bunch of staff down there, always helpful and so cheery!
Tracey Frain, Meridian Insurance Advisors Ltd
I just need to say how brilliant your customer service is at The Right Mortgage. You’re always there to help and I love your random phone calls to me
Kafeel Rasul, Sarali Financial Services Ltd
A grown up Network for grown ups
David May
I am very pleased with the support I receive from the network and its enlightened approach to compliance.
Terry Humphreys
I feel that TRM’s approach to Compliance is excellent, it highlights the point that compliance is there to help rather than to fear.
Les Blackman, VA Mortgages
Very friendly
Richard Gale
Having moved from PTFS at the end of 2015 I can honestly say it’s great to be in a mortgage/sales environment rather than a network that it only interested in fees and compliance. Onwards and upwards.
Steve Tuck, Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd
It is like a good old Network, very personal level of service.
Zafar Iqbal, Ziifa Home Loans & Finance
Just going into my second year with TRM & no complaints as yet. Such a difference compared to PTFS who I was with for 7 years. TRM is a network as it should be, for the Broker.
Trevor McVeigh, T McVeigh Mortgages Ltd

Feedback from our June 2019 National Training Event

What our Advisers thought…

Fantastic day, inspiring!

Andy Skarratt, A S Mortgage Services

I enjoyed seeing people from TRM in one place together with the lenders – it re-focus’s ones goals.

Karen Newbould, Moneybrain (L) Ltd

Another brilliant event organised by Right Mortgage demonstrating that it genuinely has the best interests of its advisers at heart.

John steel, Strictly mortgages

As this was my first NTE with The Right Network it was very inspiring and gave me a great insight to the companies ethos.

Terry Hyett, Urban Sticks Mortgage Solutions Ltd

Great atmosphere. Gives you that buzz again.

Richard Lepora, Homestyle Mortgages

Great opportunity to gain knowledge especially from the lenders and providers not readily used. The technology and compliance events are not to be missed as these are shaping the future. Many thanks to all at TRM for yet another special day!

Andrew Jackson, AM Mortgages (NE) Ltd

Top Class network with honesty and fairness at it’s core.

Robert Burnside, R Burnside

Thanks again for another most informative and useful day. Well organised, well presented, and a pleasure meeting my colleagues.

Rob Woolfe, The Right Broker

What our Provider Partners thought…

Thank you for letting us come – we had a great time.

Richard Moodey , Zurich

Excellent Day – well done

Laurie Diiorio, One Family

I really enjoyed the guest speaker Giles Long, very inspirational

James Gittins, Legal & General

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to all.

Sundeep Jadeja, Barclays

Really good event and advisers were very engaging.

Emily Smith , Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

I had the pleasure of presenting Fleet Mortgage’s approach to complex Buy To Let to many of The Right Mortgage Network’s members at the International Conference Centre on Thursday 6th June.

The response I had afterwards, on stand, was excellent, with many advisers commenting how useful Fleet Mortgages might be for their Buy To Let clients. Fleet Mortgages looks forward to working closely with The Right Mortgage Network’s advisers in the future.

Andy Valvona, Fleet Mortgages