Grow your business with The Right Will and Estate Planning

We work with over 500 mortgage and protection brokers across the UK to help them offer their clients a Will and Estate Planning service.

Option A – Join us as an adviser and complete the business yourself
Option B – Refer and earn for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

Benefits to your business

1. Earn additional income

2. Grow your client bank
Every Will needs an Executor and 2 independent witnesses, offering you at least 3 additional potential clients per sale.

3. Re-contact your clients
70% of people do not have a Will. Offering a Will service is the perfect reason to re-contact your client bank.

4. Open the door to further financial business
Our simple fact find has been designed to open up a whole range of sales opportunities.

The Package


Areas of expertise

Will Writing

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning

Refer and earn

Wills – Earn £100
LPAs – Earn £400

Our Simple Referral Process

  1. Complete 1 page referral form
  2. We take your client’s details over the phone
  3. We post documents to your clients
  4. You visit your clients to help them sign
  5. We check the LPAs are signed & dated correctly

Get in touch

For more information about The Right Will and Estate planning, get in touch with their team

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